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Spotted: A Winter Day Wedding São Paulo, Brasil (Preview)

July 31st, 2013

I swear I sat down here with the intention of posting just a tinny preview of this wedding. You know, 4 or 5 pictures tops. But GOSH, how I loved this day. So sue me, I’m still calling it a preview, and I’m going all out.

The first time Victoria saw Marcel, she just knew they were going to get married one day. Marcel was the one who made the first move though, asking her out to the movies. She swears she thought it was a group thing, otherwise she would have been too shy to go. The best misunderstanding of his life, I take it. Love-struck, it didn’t take too long for Marcel to ask Victoria to be his girlfriend, which she refured, BTW (because girls are crazy like that)- that is until he left on a 3-week trip, making her heart grow fonder. Classic.

The proposal went a lot smoother- on a trip to Marcel’s hometown. Candlelights, stary sky, under a gazebo, to the sound of Someday In My Life. Nailed it. This is also where I come in, yes, finally. This part of the story goes like this: I’m pretty sure I wanted them to be my clients way more than they did. They could have offered to pay me in chocolate sprinkles for all I cared ;) Easy YES.

Because you know I blab like there’s no tomorrow, I’ll talk more about the wedding when I post the whole thing (yes, massive!). But until then, let me just point out that this wedding was put together by a real DREAM TEAM. If you’re a bride in São Paulo, get on it, girl! I listed all of them at the bottom of this post- you’re welcome.


Assessoria/Decor: Renata Cavalcante (Petite Fleur)
Segundo fotógrafo: Roberta Lewis
Vídeo: Giovanna Borgh
Maquiagem: José Sarkis (Vimax Beauty)
Cabelo: Rodolfo Sena (Vimax Beauty)
Vestido: Lucas Anderi
Local: Espaço Galileu
Convite: Chá das Duas
DJ/Iluminação: TRBR Eventos 
Buffet: Zest Cozinha Criativa
Doces: Viviane Malucelli
Bolo: Le Malu 




Spotted: Kristina & Her Coquelicot Heaven

June 1st, 2013

I will let you know that coquelicot (poppy) is the coolest word in french you could ever say out loud. And while my degree in French Studies did not make me any richer as in actually having more money, knowing this word surely makes me feel like a million bucks.
So last week I went over to Kristina’s house for some quick chatting, and AMAZE- there’s this little heaven casually growing next to her garage. By the way, once I googled “false positive opium drug test and poppy seeds” and though it reassured me that my love for lemon & poppy seed muffins was unlikely to get me into trouble in America, it did make me very concerned about traveling to Saudi Arabia after having muffins for breakfast.
Anyways, I was like “Kristina, I need to borrow your beautiful face and sexy bod right now”, got my Portra 160 out, and this happened:


For film nerds: Contax 645/Portra 160/ Dev+Scan @Allen’s Camera
First 5 below- rated at 320, then pushed +1 in developing
Next 5- shot at box speed and processed normally