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Spotted: Salt Lake City Engagement Session- Jared & Melina

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011


My name is Paola.
You might remember me. From this blog, actually.
Sometimes I come here and babble.
(When I’m diligent, of course)
Then there’s the¬†occasional¬†monthly¬†disappearance.
(Which happens more often than not)

I feel I should share more, you know? Tell you my funny stories, my dreams, my fears.
I don’t know, I feel I should.
Should I?

Until I decide on that, let me leave you with something I am ALWAYS certain of.
Why, L.O.V.E! Of course.
You can never have too much of it.


Melina and Jared are getting married tomorrow!
Which makes me wonder if they will be able to sleep tonight.

The day before my wedding day I was DEAD, but I could not make myself just freaking fall asleep.
This will sound silly- but I was actually scared of missing it.
Like, not hearing my alarm and actually miss MY wedding day.
Ridiculous, I know. The crazy things brides will come up with!
(my sister was actually worried about how her “I do” would sound- she wanted to get it right)

Oh yeah, the night before my wedding, I asked my parents if I could sleep with them one last time.
And I did.

Excited for tomorrow (but actually going to sleep),

Spotted: Sans Paris- Paris Wedding Photographer

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

After some long debate on my work schedule for 2011, I decided not to go vacationing in Europe this summer.
For the first time in 4 years, may I add?
I know I should be happy, because that means I have lots of work and what not… but a little piece of me just died inside.
One full year sans Paris, sans macaroons, sans glamour at its purest.
Will I ever mend my broken heart?

* Taken last August

Au revoir (no, not really),